Toilet repair

Older toilets can start to have wear and tear over time. You may have issues with simple button flushing, or your float may be broken, or the toilet could be wobbling. We can assess any of the issues and repair your existing toilet.

Toilet Installation

Whether its for your new home, bathroom renovation or you simply want upgrade and to  install a new toilet. ECS Services team of professional, and friendly plumbers can help. We install varieties of toilets.

Water heater installation/repair

Whether you are experiencing issues with you water staying hot, or you recently had a leak your hot water heater. Our team of experienced plumbers can assess the problem and provide you with a cost effective solution.

Depending on the condition and age of your water heater we can help you figure out if repairing or replacing your heater will be the best solution.  

Sewer repair/installation

Your sewer system plays an integral part in the functionality and comfort of your home. That why it is important pump and clean out your sewer system every three to five years. If you notice that you have sewage backing up or that it is slow to drain, this could be a sign of problem with your sewer system. Call ECS Services – electrical and plumbing for your local sewer repair and installation experts.

Leak repair

Leaks are no fun! Ecs Services team of highly skilled plumbers is able to detect where they are coming from and repair them. Whether it is a leaky faucet, a water line in the wall, or drain under your sink, rest assured your leak stops with a visit from one of our expert plumbers!

Drain cleaning

Needing your drains cleared out? Sometimes debris, or sludge can cause your drains to stop up or drain very slowly, our plumbers are equipped with the top of line tools and experience to clear out your drains and have them working great in no time! Call us for your drain cleaning!

Garbage disposal install/repair

If your disposal has stopped working, is it leaking? Our expert plumbers can assess the situation to either repair or replace your disposal.

Faucet install

Looking to update your faucets? You may be doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation and updating all of your plumbing fixtures. Our team of ex[ert plumpers can help to ensure that you get the kitchen/bathroom of your dreams with the beautiful and functional plumbing fixtures you want installed. 

Water line install/repair

Your homes water line provides your home with the pressurized water that flows to all of your homes plumbing fixtures. If the main water line or another water line has a  leak, is busted, or is not producing enough pressure it can be a serious problem. Call our team of expert plumbers here at ECS Services – electrical and plumbing out to help you solve this issue!

Additional  Services

  • Water filtration system

  • Sump pump installation/repair

  • Dishwasher installation

  • Washing maching waistline and water lines

  • And much more!