Best Tulsa Electrician | what electrical work do you need?

Are you looking for the best Tulsa electrician? What then you should look no further than ECS Electric. With 20 years of combined experience this company is been servicing the Oklahoma area. You’re going to find that when you utilize the services that we can provide you the you are going to get quality work. You’re the world with global services that you receive the you are going to be using us for all of your electrical needs. Whether you need a commercial work done or residential we are going to have the answers that you are looking for. We will beat any competitor’s prices by 10%.

You are going to find with our residential work that we are the best Tulsa electrician because you are going to be given a guarantee that will beat any competitor’s pricing by 10%. Will also do a free estimate for you as well as a free 10 point inspection on your current electrical work. That means we will be able to give you the services that you are going to be able to expect when you utilize us and for all of your electrical work.

When you utilize the best Tulsa electrician you’re going to be pleased with the quality of work that we are good be able to do for you. Whether you’re looking to remodel and totally rewire your entire home we can do this for you. There is a many times that the old electrical wiring in your home is worn out or has been damaged by rodents. This the only do many problems in your home as far as your electrical services whether you’re experiencing brownouts or breakers popping all the time this could be a warning sign that you are needing to update the wiring in your home. Call us today and will be able to give you a quote from one of our professional licensed expert electricians.

Will also be able to do a multitude of other electrical needs that you may have. Whether you’re needing additional circuits but in for extra appliances, or needing that new bathroom exhaust fan installed we will be able to help. If you get a new ceiling fan will be able to install them for you in your bedroom or living room as well. Juergen find that we will be delivering new high-quality services time after time.

ECS Electric is going to go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with all of your services. We are going to give you a guarantee that we will beat any competitor’s pricing by 10%. Our expert electricians will also be giving you a free estimate before we start working. You can call see to one of our amazing staff members today to schedule your free estimate and your free Point inspection by calling us at 918-520-3259. You can also go to our website where you can schedule your free estimate there as the all the other services were going to be able to provide to you by visiting us at

Best Tulsa electrician | do you need security lighting installed?

You’re going to find that ECS Electric is get be the best Tulsa electrician to install any security lighting of the you may ask for. Will be able to install exterior lighting for you as well as security timers and photocell or motion lights. The better late your home is the less likely are to be robbed. Therefore security lights are going to be one of the best deterrents to criminals that you can utilize at a very affordable price. We can also install security cameras as well. They security cameras these days don’t require a security company and don’t require installation by that security company. Therefore you can call us and we can come out and do a free estimate for you to help do whatever we can do ensure that your home is going to be they. We will be in all competitors pricing by 10% and give you a free estimate.

Your Find that when he you want to install additional light switches they can turn off your light from a different location or maybe the when you have does that work well or you have an old ceiling fan and a pull chain light we can actually and sauce which is an dimmers for those that you don’t have to pull the cord regularly. So if your room has to entrances or get like a dimmer switch by the bad or a light switch by the bad so when you go to sleep at night you don’t have to get up we can happily install those for you. Call today for your free quote and remember this is why we are the best Tulsa electrician.

Do you have old outlets that need to be replaced or maybe you need an outlet installed where that new big-screen TV everything in your living room, see you can get rid of that want extension cord that’s running along your wall and a trip hazard. We are going to be able to install any electrical wiring and outlets you may need in the most convenient places. Whether that simply moving an outlet or adding a new one we can help you with that. Which is why we are going to be the best Tulsa electrician.

If you are looking to install recessed lighting in your home we can assist you with that. Whether you’re wanting to brighten up any darkened areas in your home or whether you’re just looking for mood lighting or a life the you can put on a dimmer we can handle all of the services for you as the ECS Electric of choice your Find that we are going to be able to provide you with a great number of services that can all be listed here.

ECS Electric is going to ensure that time after time that we are going to be the electrical company of choice for you. You’re going to want to go to our website we can see all the amazing services that we can provide to you by going to You can also call and speak to one of our professionals in your free quote by calling us at 918-520-3259.