How We Do Business Differently

At ECS electric we understand how important your home is to you and your family. That is why we take every electrical need you may have with the utmost concern and care.

We want to provide you with a service in which you feel comfortable, attended to and completely satisfied. Our goal when we come to perform electrical work in your residence is to leave it better, safer and more updated than it was previously.

ECS Electric’s state licensed electricians take great pride in the quality and detail of our workmanship, our mindset is for our work to last far into the future generations.  We stand behind our work with the ECS electric Guarantee. We offer up front pricing so that there is no guesswork involved and no surprises.

Cleanliness is extremely important to us, meaning will take the measures needed with shoe covers and by making sure we clean up after ourselves with brooms and shop vacs that we carry on every vehicle. After all if service company cannot complete the most basic task of cleaning up after themselves what does that say about their work.

We are Tulsa’s best electricians and we are ready to show you!

New Construction:

Our team of electricians are fully equipped and ready to wire a new home being built. We will set up and see the project through from the moment the house breaks ground untill the last switch cover plate is set. We will provide a seamless experience and electrical system that works flawlessly, abiding by the NEC (National Electric Code) and any local ordinances. You will not be disappointed with ECS Electric – Tulsa’s BEST electricians!

Electrical Panel (Breaker box) Upgrade/Replacement:

As your home ages so does your electrical panel, unfortunately nothing lasts forever.  With that being said over time and use, your panel will wear and your fuses/breakers will weaken, causing them not to function properly or efficiently and possibly over-heat. This is one reason to have your electrical panel upgrade. We also find that many homes still have there old original panels, which previous electricians of maxed out with extra circuits to provide power to new appliances, possibly they may have also added additional sub-panels and double tapped the meter, which is not legal. Keep in mind that these panels were not fabricated with the intent of modern appliances. All to say that ECS Electric is ready to provide you with a solution to your power needs and bring your electrical panel up-to-date and up-to code.  We will send out a qualified and experienced electrician to give you an estimate. We will then estimate your electrical panel replacement according to your needs. Providing you with the best price and quality, we have found that we have been able to provide better pricing than our competitors because of our unique estimating system which is done by scenario instead of set pricing.

Recessed (can) Lighting:

Wanting to add some modern looking lighting in your home or simply needing to brighten up those dark areas in your home. This is where ECS Electric tulsa’s best electricians can help you. We can add 3 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch recessed (can) lighting in any room in your home. With the installation of these new LED Recessed lights not only are you modernizing your home but your are also making it brighter and more efficient. Get in touch with us and will send out a professional, courteous electrician to give you an estimate.

Ceiling Fans and Other Lighting:

Needing a ceiling fan installed to add some ventilation or maybe just a fan replacement, or maybe you want to add a light fixture. Get in touch with us and we’ll send out one of our electricians to give you an estimate.

Outlet Installation or Replacement:

Needing to add an outlet for an appliance or maybe your tv? Or maybe you need to swap out those old-outdated, dirty and loose outlets with some new tamper-resistant and efficient ones? Call us today! And we’ll send one of our proficient, professional, licensed electricians out to give you a quote.

Switches and Dimmers:

Do you need to add an additional switch to be able to switch your lights off from another location or maybe you just need one for a light that currently uses a pull chain? Maybe you would like to lower the brightness of your lights by installing a dimmer switch. Call us today and will send one of our expert electricians out to give you an estimate.

Security  (Cameras, Lights, Motion Lights, Photocells, and Timers:

Statistics have shown that houses and areas that are better lighted and less likely to be burglarized.  It is a good idea to add security lights for this reason. One step further would be to install wireless surveillance cameras which can add some extra peace of mind and alert you if anything out of the ordinary is happening keeping your home and family safe. Or maybe you already have the lighting installed but need a photocell or timer which can tell the lights when to turn on and off. Just give us a call today and we’ll send one our courteous, professional, expert electricians over to provide you a quote!

Electrical remodel-total home rewire:

We love renovations, seeing something be updated from old to new is very gratifying. In the process we can provide a completely new electrical system by rewiring the entire house even with the sheetrock/drywall up. We are experts in remodeling. Call us today to get a quote from one of our expert, professional licensed electricians.

Additional circuit installation for new appliance:

Needing a new circuit installed for an appliance you just purchased or maybe you’re moving the location of the appliance, not a problem we can run that new circuit or relocate the existing one. Call us today and will send one of our expert electricians out to give you an estimate.

Bathroom Exhaust fan installation:

Whether you are needing to replace the old, dusty and loud exhaust fan you have or you just need one installed in a bathroom that doesn’t have one, we can get installed without causing any damage to your ceiling. Call us today and we’ll send one of our courteous, licensed professional electricians!

These are just a few of our residential services please call us today with any of your electrical needs and ECS Electric’s team of knowledgeable expert electricians will be happy to help you!