It is essential for you businesses to be produce, keeping down-time at a minimum and efficiency at its highest, we understand that. That’s why when you come to us we will plan for and prioritize your commercial projects and business’ electrical needs so that you can be back to work with little to no interruption in the workflow.  We have knowledgeable electricians that deliver exceptional value and will provide you with a service that will be unmatched.

Electrical service and Panel Upgrade:

As your business grows so have the demands for new equipment, whether it is a commercial automotive shop, restaurant or a simple office building. With that being said your may have the need for a new electrical services that can handle more demand and a panel upgrade that can accommodate the new demands as well. ECS ELectric are the Tulsa Electricians that can offer you the solution for upgrading your electrical service, we’ll make sure that not only will you have adequate space for your current electrical demands but as well will install a service capable of handling future installations. We want to make sure you are one step ahead.  Contact us today for an estimate and consultation.

LED Lighting Upgrades:

Are you tired of the repetitive maintenance on your old fluorescent lights? Let us take care of it, we can retro fit your old fixtures and convert them to LED. As an added benefit PSO actually offers rebates incentivize your lighting upgrades, saving you money on your initial investment, and with higher efficiency and lower power demands, you will see savings monthly on your companies electric bill. LED upgrades can be done on just about any lights, from your warehouse High bays to your office fluorescents.

Additional circuits for new equipment:

Are you adding a tanning bed, new kitchen equipment, maybe a compressor or maybe you have a machine shop and are installing the newest metal machine? Whatever it maybe we have highly knowledgeable electricians that can accommodate any of your installations and provide you with the power needed. We can work with 120v/208v/240 and 480v/277v and will make sure to have you set-up running.

Parking Lot Lighting:

Are you a new business that is looking to expand safe space for your Tulsa Electricians clients at night? One of the best ways to increase security and safety outside of your business is by installing parking lot lighting so that your customers can safely make their way to their cars. ECS Electric can also retrofit your existing lighting by converting from conventional to LED.