Are you on out for the Best Tulsa Electrician? If you are, then having you have a look at ECS Electric and what we can do here in the greater Tulsa area and all over Oklahoma. Here we 20 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, and we provide a service for some of America’s favorite companies like US cellular, Olive Garden, and Meineke. We are one of the most highly rated electricians in Tulsa in a wide massive see of contractors, and become number one because customer service is our number one goal. Here at ECS Electric, we can provide you with any and all of your electrical needs or electrical problems give us call the next time you are in need of an election.

We can build to provide you any and all solutions to your needs as far as electricity goes, we can do both commercial and residential services. When it comes to residential we can help you with any kind of nuke instruction electrical services, panel and breaker box upgrades and replacements, we can do with recessed lighting, and other lighting, our installation replacement, switches and members, security components and even electrical remodeling or adding additional circuits for new appliances such as bathroom exhaust fan installation. The commercial side of things, we can do some the same services but upgrades, LED lighting upgrades, additional circuits for you, parking lot lighting and much more. We even offer you power generator installation. Can install for you have a power generator option to give you power whenever the grid goes down.

To make sure that we provide the services whenever you’re looking for the Best Tulsa Electrician by concentrating our company values of excellent, pretty, and ability. We do this in a variety of ways but we want to make sure that is evident in everything you that’s what we do things in pricing. We make sure that we provide you with upfront pricing before we begin, and our technicians are fully charged for background check and certified as well professional, friendly and knowledgeable to make sure you get the best service a dependable, trustworthy professional technicians in your home or on your property.

We also are able to provide these services and solutions as the Best Tulsa Electrician because I value, with service pack value and that’s why we can you free estimates for you and then we can also provide you with a free template inspection. Going to further make sure you’re getting the best price, we can also offer to beat prices by 10% and we also give you an on budget and on time guarantee. We promise to make sure that we don’t waste your time or your money, which are our two most important asset as the human race.

You get touch with us by calling us a 918-520-3259 we go directly website whenever you like at everyone make sure getting on the details about who we are what we can do for you including some great customer testimonials.

Did You Know That You Can Hire The Best Tulsa Electrician?


When it comes to hiring the Best Tulsa Electrician, the make she get touch with us here at ECS Electric. As such, we are highly rated eligible in the Tulsa area. We are some of over 20 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, and serve the greater Tulsa area as well as all of Oklahoma. All across the state, but we we can definitely the service in the area. Customer service is the number one goal here is electric and make we are getting that goal, we also make sure that we in a wide variety solving any of your electrical problems. We have the experience, and the provide making the decision. We have done work for some of the best companies in the country such as US cellular, Olive Garden, and Meineke. We can do just about any kind of electrical service out there. Matter what your electrical problem is, we likely are going to have the solution for you here. We have seen just about everything when it comes to electrical, and we can anticipate problems before they happen to make sure that we get it done quickly and efficiently with years of expertise and experience.

You can build because how does the Best Tulsa Electrician when it comes the residential side of things. We can provide you with new construction electrical work, electrical panel and breaker box upgrades and replacements if need be, and recessed lighting. Were also can build help you with things that is ceiling fans and other lighting solutions, our installation replacements, switches and members, security, and, and electrical remodels. Some of the more common things and solutions we can provide to you as the Best Tulsa Electrician, and if you want to make sure the year getting in touch with us, and is reach out to us call and we can help you with your home. But we don’t stop it just providing with residential electrical services either.

Also if you have a business not really but, then we are available commercially as well. We can do many the same services such as electrical service panel upgrades, but we can also go so far as to provide you with things like LED lighting upgrades, additional circuits for new clinic, parking lot lighting so much more. If you have any need of any kind of commercial lighting services, the know hesitate to reach out to us at ECS Electric as well.

Also don’t forget that we can also offer you power generator installation. That is one of the things that we specialize here to see such as well. Incredible power generator solution for you so that you still have electricity option and you can live comfortably powers out. Because sometimes think hours and in some cases days for the weather here in make sure that you have yourself covered with the power generator installation which we can do for about $5000.

Can build to do for you here at ECS Electric need any the services or if you are not listed or covered here, and I stayed to give us call anytime at 918-520-3259. We can provide you with free estimates and a 10 point inspection the competition’s prices by 10%. Your free estimate as to build do for you can also go to the website for more information anytime and forget we also stay on budget on time, guaranteed.