Here at ECS Electric, we are proud to be the Best Tulsa Electrician, because not only one of most highly rated electricians in Tulsa, we have over 20 years of combined experience in the electrical industry and the name the people trust. We’ve even been trusted by some of the biggest companies in Oklahoma and in America for some of their logical projects here in the Tulsa area like US cellular, olive garden, and Meineke. Not only can we help the people of the great in the business is are here, but we are willing to travel abroad to help people of projects over the state. But what really makes us unique here at yes electric is the fact that knowing that we provide high-quality electrical services, which can be a dime a dozen here in Tulsa, but we also want to make sure that you understand that we are committed to customer service as priority number one. Not only do we want to be a results driven company that fix your problem each and every time that we do it in a better way than anybody else out there.

First of all, we want to make sure that we have the largest scope of services that we can provide to you as the Best Tulsa Electrician. We can do commercial and residential work. And as we are dimension, we can find the services all throughout the state and not just in the greater Tulsa area. We can help new construction, electrical panel breaker box upgrades and replacements, recessed lighting, ceiling fans and other lighting, how installation replacement and much more when it comes to when it comes to your business however, working to go further by doing the much all that and even more like LED lighting upgrades, additional circuits for new equipment and parking lot lighting. When do whatever we can to accommodate your business and help you grow as well. We also offer really great power generator installations as well that we can do for as little as $5000 to make sure the use of high-power when you need it whenever he goes down for hours or days at a time.

We also set ourselves apart by not just concentrating on our customer service and the kind of scope that we provide as electricians and as the Best Tulsa Electrician, but we also want to make sure that we are committed to customer service. We try to do this by making it clear that we are committed to providing you with a great experience and a great value such as providing you upfront pricing we get there. We don’t want to pay the guessing game, and we don’t want you to be worried about the final bill will be utilizing sketchy tactics. We can provide you with upfront pricing for the beginning, and we also utilize technicians are fully insured, background checked and certified and they’re all professional, friendly and very knowledgeable.

We also provide you better incentives to make sure that you get a better value than anybody else. When the most of the things about us here at ECS Electric as the Best Tulsa Electrician is the fact that we can do everything we can to save money. First of all we offer you free estimates. We want to encourage you to get in contact with us anytime you even may think you ever problem and you not even sure. We can either a free estimate on the property better how big or how small, and we can also provide you with a free 10 point inspection. On top of that, we can beat any competitors prices by up to 10%. Lastly we can promise to be on budget and on time with any project.

If you want to see this kind of difference for yourself, the know hesitate to get touch with us anytime by calling us electric through 918-520-3259 or you go directly to the website leave us your contact information for us to reach out to you anytime and also check all the information that we have available there including some helpful customer testimonials at

Why Do You Need Our Best Tulsa Electrician?


You find yourself in a situation which you would like to have the Best Tulsa Electrician for an electrical issue or dilemma that you may be facing, then call us at ECS Electric. Here ECS Electric, as one of the most highly rated electricians and electrical contractors in the greater Tulsa area and throughout the state of Oklahoma, we’re here to provide you with only results for great customer service by making customer service and number one priority. Would make sure that what we do leaves you with a feeling of 100% satisfaction in the service you received the results that we provided, and in the value that you got from us. Take that first step and get service from a company that has provided electrical products for some of the biggest companies in America like Meineke, US cellular, and the oligarch, the give us a call to set up a free estimate.

The free estimates the first step into getting the help that you need whenever you want to make sure you are securing the Best Tulsa Electrician. Give us call anytime on any normal business day during our normal business hours at the number of our team members and if you’re not already speak to somebody they can provide you with a free estimate, then we will make sure that we set you up with somebody that can provide you a free estimate or consultation. We would love to provide you with an estimate, and were never going to charge you for, we like to give them away like candy.

So in order to get the Best Tulsa Electrician, give us a call and take that first step by setting up a free estimate and then a free 10 point inspection. We don’t charge for any the services, we just went make sure that we get in there and help you make sure that we correct all of your logical problems to keep you up and running and safe. To take that step and get combined experience in the electrical industry, and probably serving the greater Tulsa area and several areas throughout the great state of Oklahoma.

After you’ve spoken to us and you’ve got your free estimate from us and your schedule your free 10 point inspection and your service, the make sure that if anybody else to us you with better prices, the come and talk to us first because we can be able to offer to beat any competitors price by 10%. In addition that we can promise you, the Morgan make sure that we finish a project on time and on budget. T that you’re only can get here at ECS Electric.

To take that first step the best prices, the best service and your free to inspection by calling first and then your free estimate from us. You can contact us anytime by getting through at 918-520-3259, or you can alternatively go to the website to reach out with your contact information there and wait a swift response from us and while you’re there be sure to check out the customer testimonials, and all the information that we have available there about who we are, and more details about our services.