At ECS Electric, we are proud to build to provide Tulsa that with some of the most highly rated electrical work around. As one of the most highly rated Tulsa Electrician in the greater Tulsa area, and I company that has over 20 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, we want to make sure that we have utilize our experience and learn from our mistakes and that we provide the best customer service in Tulsa. Customer service is our number one goal here and we make it a top priority and we make sure that we provide continuous consistent customer service based off of our three core company values. ECS Electric. Those values consists of excellence, integrity and dependable. We look at each one of these values what they need to us here at ECS.

The first and we can look at as the Best Tulsa Electrician is the fact that we focus on excellence. Nothing here would be worth doing if we didn’t focus on excellence in everything that we attempted here. We want to make sure that we are excellent not only in the results we provide but in our commitment to customer service and the experience we provide as well as the value that we provide our customers. All of these areas should always be excellent, or we feel like we are failing. We want to make sure that your 100% satisfied with the service that you receive here in the fill the everything that we did for you is excellent. Whether it is the human interactions you may have had with your technician, the results that you receive on your electrical work, or even the value in the pricing that we provided in the incentives that we give each one of our customers want to make sure that everything is excellent down to the uniforms that are technicians where.

Also when it comes to our status as one of the top Tulsa Electrician contractors, would make sure that we also focus on integrity. Most of us know integrity as being in doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. That is kind of what we want to make sure that were doing as a company. Not just each individual technician that goes on our job as a company. We want to make sure that we do right by our customers in our clients with everything that we attempt. Were make sure that the matter what is even in if it is admitting our fault whenever we do something like overcharging customer or make a mistake, that we own up to it and we make sure that you can trust us and anything that we do. Will make sure that we are completely transparent with our services, and that’s what we offer things like upfront pricing.

Then we can also make sure that we look at being dependable. Dependable is one of the most important factors and making sure that our customers trust us. That’s one of the reasons we give you an on budget and on time guarantee. Were to be dependable in everything that we tend to do. Every project or every repair that we come out to provide to you, is can be guaranteed to be on time and on budget to ensure that you get the efficiency, the price that you deserve. Whenever you waste your time or your money.

If you’re interested in the kind of values that we bring to the table here at ECS Electric, the don’t hesitate to reach out to us to give us call whenever you’re ready for service and a free estimate at 918-520-3259 or you go directly to our website whenever you like at

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Here at ECS Electric, one of the Best Tulsa Electrician services, you bet that we sure that everything that we do has commitment to excellence and quality. One of the core company values, in fact here at ECS Electric is excellence. That is why we have a commitment to quality like anybody else in Tulsa when it comes to us for contracting. We want to make sure that our number one goal in our number one priority is your 100 satisfaction in our customer service. Were make sure that not only is it a good electrical service but it is a great service period. We do this by focusing on not only providing you with knowledgeable staff they get the job done in the results that you want with high quality installation repairs and so forth, but we also make sure they are highly skilled, friendly and professional make sure that you getting great experience and a great interaction. Not just our technicians but any of our team members here at ECS Electric.

As part of our commitment to quality we want to make sure that you can get the repairs that you need each and every time he call us out as your trusted Tulsa Electrician. That means we want to be knowledgeable and trusted to get the job done the matter where you call us out for whenever it comes to electrical issues. It is matter what the project is our what the problem is, we want to make sure that fix it that we get it done in high quality efficient manner. This can be new construction, electrical panel breaker box upgrades and replacements, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, Alan installation and replacement, switches and dimmers or anything else for your home. And when it comes to your business, you can also depend on us for things like the lighting upgrade, additional circuits for new equipping, parking lot lighting and much much more. Everything that we do here should be an answer to any of your problems.

Also whenever it comes to our technicians, we focus to make sure that we set up the best as your Tulsa Electrician of choice. All of our electricians are fully insured and get background check. There certified and are hired to be professional friendly and knowledgeable. We would not snap anybody that we did not trusted enough those providing high-quality results to your home to take care of you as our most prized possession.

In addition have high quality individuals members here, what also make sure that we provide that same commitment to quality when it comes to pricing and incentives. Have had a affordable prices for our customers as the most trusted and will rated electricians in Tulsa, we also provide you with things like free estimates. Anytime for free estimate on something, and were also can come out give you a free 10 point inspection. The top it all off to build a beat the competitors prices by 10%, and to seal the deal we can promise you that working to be on time and on budget guarantee.

We want to make sure that we go above do here at ECS Electric and that we are completely 100% committed to quality. If you want that from your next electrician, the make she call us and you can set that free estimate by calling us anytime at 918-520-3259 or you go directly to the website whenever you like at