With all the unpredictable weather in Oklahoma we can’t be sure that power to our homes and businesses will always be there. Especially with all the wind, tornados, ice and other types of weather that might affect the electrical grid. The severe weather affects homeowners and their families, but a generator installation can keep you and your family supplied with power and comfort through it all. Allowing you to have peace of mind.

Why should you have a generator installed?

Residential Generator

Once you have lost power, you never know how long you will be without it. Your local power company does a great job, however given the work needed, they cannot assure you that your power will be restored immediately. Having a generator will ensure that your house or business continues to function and operate without interruption. Allowing you to continue with your daily scheduled activities as well as tasks. A generator will also allow you to maintain your essentials, such as heating and air conditioning, as well as all appliances. We’re on a mission to make sure that the food in the fridge stays fresh in the wake of any disaster!

Here’s how you can ensure you won’t be affected by an outage with a generator with ECS Electric:

  • Once power has gone out the generator will automatically turn on and power up your home or business within 30 seconds. No stressful operating process and no difficult setup for the homeowner.
  • When utility power has been restored the generator will sense and safely transfer power back. There is no need for you to manually shut down the generator or redirect anything yourself.
  • Installed by ECS Electric licensed and certified technicians. Satisfaction guaranteed. ECS Electric also provides you with regular maintenance as well. That way your generator can continue to operate optimally for years with no added stress to you.
  • Sized correctly for your homes electrical needs. Your generator will be recommended by our experienced technicians. This ensures that you will receive the perfectly sized generator for your homes power consumption needs.


Here are a few things you will want to keep powered up with a generator:

  • Lighting
  • Appliances (refrigerator, A/C, Furnace, washer, dryer, hot water heater, stove, oven etc)
  • Medical equipment (Home care essentials such as respirators, monitors, etc.)
  • Computer/Televisions/ Other Entertainment Appliances
  • Garage doors
  • Home Security systems
  • Business Servers and Security Protocols
  • Data Backups and drives
  • Internet router/modem
  • Home safety systems that are not battery powered
  • Home and Business Automation Systems

Generac, Kohler and Briggs and Stratton are some of the most reputable generator systems in the industry. At ECS Electric Tulsa electrician we pride ourselves in installing the most recognized and trusted generators on the market!

How Much Does A Generator Cost?

There are a wide variety of generators available for you based on your businesses or homes power consumption needs. One of our professionally certified serviceman will be able to determine the size of the right generator for your electrical demands. A beginner level generator can start anywhere around $3,200 prior to installation. A larger generator can cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000. An added benefit is that the generator can add additional equity to your home considering that it provides power to the entire home during an emergency. Financing will also be available Get in touch with ECS Electric Tulsa Electrician (918)520-3259 for an in-home consultation today!